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Many people think that a sight test is just about checking whether your vision needs correcting with glasses or contact lenses, but there are other important reasons to have a regular sight test.


A sight test is a vital check on the health of the eyes and includes the detection of eye conditions. Many of these, if found early, can be treated successfully, avoiding potential sight loss.Our eye examinations are comprehensive, making use of the latest technology in a relaxed but formal setting. Our optometrists also carry out a range of tests to assess the health of your eyes. We also offer services such as Diabetic Screening, Retinal Photography and Cataract shared care referrals.


A sight test can also detect other health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.


We are currently taking on both NHS and Private patients so now might be the perfect time to book in for an eye examination, especially if you haven’t been seen by an optometrist for over two years. To find out if you are eligible for an NHS sight test, please click here

Eye Exam
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Clarus 500 Widefield Retinal Camera

The Zeiss Clarus 500 is a comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal imaging camera. It is the first retinal camera imaging system that combines true colour and clarity with ultra-widefield view. 

This offers a 133 degree field compared to standard cameras which offer lower resolution and 30 to 60 degree field of view . For our patients this means a more comprehensive view of the back of your eyes in greater detail to visualise any potential eye problems

At Saffron Eyecare we are one of the only practices in Leicester to offer widefield photos inclusive as part of your eye examination with no additional charges. This includes NHS and Private patients. 

Clarus 500 Widefield Retinal Camera
OCT (Coming soon)

OCT (Coming soon)

Utilising the very latest in eye scan technologies called Optical Coherence Tomography the REVO-OCT Wellness 
Scan provides a non invasive imaging method allowing detailed visualisation beneath the retinal surface to detect 
any abnormalities in the different retinal layers, to an almost cellular level, and monitor any changes over time.

The benefits of the OCT include:


  •  Screening for the early detection of the major causes of blindness including: Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and more.

  • Detecting and diagnosing conditions sooner, allowing for early intervention and treatment.

  • Providing an increased chance of better outcomes for your ocular health and in turn your overall health.

OCT (Coming Soon)


Quite often, your spectacles are the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night, and as such, we want to help you find the very best possible eyewear for your needs.


We stock a wide range of frames, from exclusive designer brands to budget friendly options. We are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends in eyewear, as well as stocking more traditional options, so we are confident we can help everyone find their perfect pair of spectacles.


Our dispensing team are fully trained on the very latest technology advances in lenses and coatings, and will discuss with you what lenses will best suit your visual needs. As an independent practice, we are able to supply lenses from many well-known brands such as Essilor, Zeiss and Transitions. For varifocal wearers, we can advise you on the latest, innovative designs of progressive lenses to ensure you get the best possible vision.



For many people, glasses can be a hindrance, either due to their job, sporting activities or other hobbies. Although most people are perfectly happy to wear glasses, it can be nice to have an alternative option at certain times, even if only for special occasions.


Contact lenses provide the alternative.


With advances in technology and lens materials, contact lens wear is now an option for more people than ever before. High prescriptions, astigmatism and varifocal prescriptions can often be corrected with modern lenses.


At Saffron Eyecare, we provide a comprehensive contact lens consultation and fitting. We will discuss your reasons for considering contact lens wear, and advise you of the various options available, ensuring that the most suitable lenses are recommended for your visual needs.


As independent opticians, we can supply a large range of contact lenses, including daily disposable and monthly wear lenses.


We will also teach you how to insert and remove your lenses, and how to clean and maintain them. Our team are always available to ensure that your contact lenses are comfortable, or if any problems or difficulties arise during your use of the lenses.

Contact Lens Solution


Regular eye examinations for children are essential to ensure that their eyes are equipped to receive visual information accurately, comfortably and safely. For this reason, an eye examination is completely free of charge for under 16’s, and students aged 16, 17 and 18.


Here at Saffron Eyecare we take children’s eye care very seriously. As every child is different we tailor each eye examination specifically to your child’s needs.All examinations will include looking at the back of the eye to make sure their eyes are healthy, and a check to see if glasses are required to improve their eyesight. Children do not even need to talk to us or be able to read to get an accurate result, and as such you can bring your child in to see us at any age if you have any concerns about their eyesight or eye health.


We have a large selection of fun and colourful children’s frames as well as more sophisticated and trendy teenage ranges, so we are sure your child will find a pair of spectacles they love.


We welcome Hospital prescriptions for infants, and as an approved Tomato Glasses supplier we are able to provide well-fitting and comfortable spectacles even for toddlers and babies.

We also stock Nano Vista frames which are virtually indestructible, (it's a bold claim but they can back it up!), and are fantastic for children of any age.


Your child might also benefit from prescription sunglasses, swimming goggles or specialised protective sports eyewear. Our knowledgeable dispensing team will be able to talk you through all options available to ensure your child stays safe whilst enjoying their favourite hobby.

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